Fancy Titles Mean Nothing

Acquiring new business is a daunting task. On a normal day, I take about one hour to research and contact businesses that could use Stewart Design Agency services. As I’m doing my research on the various social media sites, it seems everyone is an expert in their field. Everyone is the CEO of this or business owner of that. When I discover more information about many of these companies, I find there is no proven track record of any successful projects or products. How do we measure success in a project or product? Well, for a project such as a website you can look at web analytics and or feedback from new site users. For products, how much your product sells and the positive feedback you get from buyers are two ways.

Here is the reality, a company that can show proven results is what buyers of your product or service want. Buyers don’t care about your title or your appearance of success. How can your product or service help them become more productive and or successful as a person or business. What do you all think about that this, leave your opinions in the comment section below.

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