I can remember a time when you started on a new job and you were sent to a training class or seminar of some kind. The course taut you how to effectively excel in your position. Your new employer would even pay for the class. 

Those days are long gone. Today’s college graduates have a hard road ahead trying to break into corporate American (writing a blog now on “why working your way up the corporate latter is a waste of time”. But that is another topic for another day) With no experience and very few training programs implemented by organizations. Too many companies have taken the sink or swim approach when it comes to new hires. 

I also understand from a company standpoint as well. Nothing can be more frustrating for an employer to invest training into an employee. Then a few short months later watch them leave for another company. All the time and money invested into that employee training right out the door.

Employers and employees have to make some sort of compromise. New employees should get short orientation to the company goals and needs. Then explain how your position fits into those needs. Online (or in person) training on new software and or applications would then follow. Shadowing a senior co-worker so you can learn the tricks of your position would be invaluable as well. If the employee leaves within six months he or she would have to pay for the training they received. 

These are just ideas to help college graduates (and us old heads) when starting a new gig. While helping revive quality training in organizations.

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