Never Buying an Adobe Product Again!

Thinking about doing my job with out an adobe product would have been unfat ...

I have been in the User Interface Design and Web Development industry for over 13 years and the adobe creative suite has been on every computer I have ever owned. Thinking about doing my job with out an adobe product would have been unfathomable just five years ago. 
In the last few years open source and low-cost design and development tools have becoming so good that paying high price subscription model for Adobe products is not necessity. With so many great open source and low-cost design and development tools on the market here is my list of Adobe products I previously used and the software that replaces them.

Adobe Photoshop switched to Affinity Photo 
Affinity Photo is a terrific photo editing software that not only rivals Photoshop but, in some cases its better. Affinity Photo is not quite as initiative as Photoshop and using tools like persona (Affinity Photo speak for combining sets of editing tools into one interface) can take some getting use too. But for only a onetime fee for $24.99 this is a no brainer choice for me.

Adobe XD switched to Figma
The switch from Adobe XD to Figma was a great choice for our agency. Figma is a web based collaborative interface design program. Since its web based you can use it on Linux, Windows or Mac. That ability to quickly share design with clients and get quick feedback has been invaluable. Adobe XD does have a lot of great features and has a free version however its lags behind Figma as a collaborative design tool. If you want to learn more about Figma, check out our full review on Figma here.

Adobe Dreamweaver switched to Atom
Adobe Dreamweaver is the O.G. of web development tools. Modern web development would not be the same without Dreamweaver’s influence. However, Atom (and Microsoft Visual Studio Code) are just simply better than Dreamweaver when it comes to creating a comfortable editing experience for professional developers.

Adobe Premier Pro switched to DaVinci Resolve 17
Adobe Premier Pro has been the go-to video editing platform for professionals and hobbies for the last 15 years. I wanted to upgrade my old version of Premier Pro to the new version but was not looking forward to paying Adobe new subscription model. After some late-night Google searching, I came across DaVinci Resolve 17. Upon downloading DaVinci Resolve 17, I was blown away with the simplicity of the interface. The DaVinci Resolve 17 engineers have organized specific editing tools in the video editing process DaVinci Resolve calls pages. Once you understand that concepct DaVinci Resolve 17 is not to hard to pick up and learn if you have used other video editing software. 



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