Cascadia PHP Conference Review

Over my twelve-year web design and development career, I have attended nume ...

Over my twelve-year web design and development career, I have attended numerous business-related events such as conferences, networking parties, meetups and etc. The 2018 Cascadia PHP conference in Portland, Oregon is the best business event I have ever attend. Cascadia PHP is a programming conference aimed at the PHP development community in the North Western part of the United States. If you were a newbie to PHP or seasoned PHP developer, this conference has something for everyone in the PHP community. 


One of Cascadia PHP main sponsors was Portland Labs whose flagship product is the Concrete5 content management system. Stewart Design Agency specializes in building website and application using Concrete5. For years we have interacted with various people in the community through the Concrete5 forms and slack group. However, it was cool to finally put a face to the names of the various users. During this two-day conference, Portland Labs and the Concrete5 core team were very hospitable. The highlight of the event was meeting the Concrete5 community of developers, designers and content straightest. During one of the breakout sessions, various concrete5 developers and agencies from all over the world got a chance to showcase their work. At the end of the conference Portland Labs and CEO Franz Maruna took us on a party bus tour of Portland and the new Portland Labs offices. 


I really want to thank Franz, Andrew, Portland Labs and all the great developers and people that make Concrete5 a terrific content management system for agencies. However, my real take way from this past weekend was the ability to make connection with terrific people that not only want to make tremendous website and application, but genuinely want to help people succeed in life.

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