The Do it All Developer

The other day, I just happened to be looking at a few developer job listing ...

The other day, I just happened to be looking at a few developer job listing. (don't worry I'm very happy at my current job). I noticed companies and clients are not making a distinction between, front end, back end and database developers/architects. In some cases, this can be seen as a problem. After all, if an organization can't figure out if it needs a front end developer or a database architect you might want to slowly back away from the listing.


However, this can also be seen as an opportunity. Being a front end developer I focus on HTML, CSS, JavaScript/Jquery. This is a great skill set to have but I have learned that expanding my skill set while staying true to my strengths has gotten me pretty far in my career. When developers talk about improving skills our brains go to what new programming languages we need to learn or new code editors we can use.

Today's developers need to have a firm understanding of the entire development cycle. We are the ones that are responsible for building the site or application. If user experience comes up with an ineffective UI or creates functionality that a cannot be created within the CMS, it’s our jobs to push back. Project Management also needs to be a skill in the developers back of tricks. To many times great projects have been derailed by horrible project management. This was not only the project manager fault, (if there was even a project manager) the developer needed to learn how to communicate with clients, keep accurate time tracking of projects and be aware of how many hours and or budget for the project. Don't forget we will need to stay abreast of all the latest technical stuff as well.


In closing if you see that listing for the do it all developer don't be so quick to dismiss that job listing. It just might be the opportunity that takes your career to the next level.


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