Five Must Have Add-On's for Concrete5

Here is the list of our favorite add-ons from the marketplace we just cant ...

Here at Stewart Design Agency we use all kinds of add-on's for our Concrete5 projects. Some are from the marketplace and some are custom build by a developer. Here is the list of our favorite add-on's from the marketplace we just can’t live without. 

  1. Image Optimizer: Image Optimizer allows you to compress images that are in the C5 file folders using TinyPNG cloud service. Once you have setup the add-on, go to the automated jobs menu press the run button on the image optimizer job and that’s it. The automated job is now compressing all the image files. This can seriously speed up your website by creating much smaller page sizes on page load.

  2. Minify HTML: This add-on automatically minifies the html output of all your pages on your site. Once again allowing for smaller page sizes on page load making a faster site.

  3. Speed Analyzer: Want to know why a page is loading slowly? Speed Analyzer will help you figure this out. With the use of an interactive graph, the user can look at all the load times of assets, blocks and scripts that are being loaded on the page. You can even turn this add-on on and off to not impact site performance when not in use.

  4. Nestable Manual Nav: Sometime the built in autonav block just is not enough for your main navigation. This is where the Nestable Manual Nav add-on takes over. The user can create as many sub navigation elements as they want which is independent of the site map tree. This allows a developer to build out very complex navigation systems. Also, since this html structure for Nestable Manual Nav is similar to bootstrap you can setup bootstrap-based navigation with relative ease.

  5. Simple Back to Top: This add-on creates a floating icon that allows the user to quickly get back to the top of a page. It’s simple, easy to use and customizable.


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