Five Must-Have’s for Your Businesses’ Website

We’ve done some research to find what call outs are imperative to your si ...

So, you’ve got your business plan down pack. You have your niche and you know now, a website is the next step. You sit down and you start to imagine what your website should look like and what color palette would work with your logo. However, are you asking yourself what CTAs should be highlighted? Or what about what should you have as headers and the drop down options that populate once clicked.

You haven’t? Well don’t worry about that- we’ve done extensive research to find five must have section on your business website.

1. The first question anyone will have when they land on your website is “What do they do?” You need to be able to answer that question in the first 3 seconds of someone on your website.  A clear understanding of who you are and what your company does is the most important piece of information to provide to a browser. After a user knows who you are, you have an opportunity to sell yourself for the services you offer. And their eyes are going to go to your page options to see what type of information you provide them with. 


2. There are 7 key pages that a user will look for: Home page, Work page, Our story, FAQ or Blog page, Services page, Contact page, Strong CTA.Now that you kind of have an idea of what you’d like your website to look like, now it’s time to consider what you want your url to actually be. 


3. The simpler the web address, the better. While some small businesses with smaller names are fortunate to have shorter handles, it’s a little more difficult for longer name businesses to shorten or abbreviate their names. Take some time to brainstorm fun and creative ways to get all you feel is important in the business name, to shine through in your URL.


4. The next necessity on any business site, is accessibility to your social media pages. Social media accounts should be easily accessed and preferably linked to the social networks logo. Once you have created and linked your social media accounts to your website- the last important factor is the mobility functions of your site. 


5. Test the mobile experience of your website. These are five important questions you need to answer for yourself or your web developer during the build out stage.

Use this check list to ensure you have all you need before your launch day!


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