Understanding Google My Business

Google My Business may be more important than your website.

As small business owners, we all understand the importance of our websites ranking high in Google search results. But I think Google My Business may be even more important than your website for attracting quality business leads. Google My Business is a service allowing business owners to create free listing on Google. Creating a listing allows user on Google and Google Maps to easily find your business. Not only does a Google My Business listing allow your business to be found on Google, users can leave reviews on your business, interact with customers in real time and give show analytics on how your Google My Business listing is performing.


If you want to learn how to setup and navigate your Google My Business listing watch the video below for more details.

Here at Stewart Design Agency, we setup Google My Business listing for our new clients. If you need help with your business listing, leave your contact information at here and we will contact you shortly.



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