How to Improve your Business Workflow

Here at Stewart Design Agency we have five steps that worked for us to smoo ...

There are many moving parts to make a agency run effectively. Between business development, team building, design and development, the current communication structure of an agency can be difficult. Here at Stewart Design Agency we have five steps that work for us to smooth out our workflow on projects.


  1. Collaborative Design Sessions: Our designer and developer are working closely together on new projects builds from day one. Everyone’s voice is heard and taken into account to ensure a pain free development cycle. Ensuring that the client requirements are met early in the process.

  2. One Repository for Design: We have one place where the final designs live. We use Figma as our wireframing and high-fidelity composition tool. We have started using the team library feature in Figma to create wireframing assets that can be dropped directly onto the canvas. Then we can take those wireframes directly into high fidelity composition without changing applications. Photoshop might still be used for some more complicated designs. However, those will still end up back in Figma.

  3. Interactive prototypes and Interactivity Comments: For some of our client interactive prototypes are important to demonstrate the user flow of an application before a single line of code is written. Turns out prototype are also very important to our developer as well. They can easily see how a website or application can flow while accurately portraying interactions like popup modals. When interactive prototypes are not available, using the notes feature in Figma has become invaluable. Having clear note directly on the design composition and making them available to everyone on the team has cut down on the time between the design and developer handoff.

  4. Consistent Coding Styles: Gulp.js and linting plugin within a coding editor have helpful with trying to maintain a consistent code base. However, we don’t make our code standards so ridged where our developer is always worried about correct syntax.

  5. Simple Project Management Tools: Our emphases here at SDA is to make everything as simple and efficient as possible. For time tracking we use Timely. Our developer and designer love it since it makes time tracking quick and painless. Trello allow us to keep track of tasks on a project and assign them to the correct person. Trello is also an effective tool in our sprint planning process.


What is the workflow at your agency or workplace? Do you think it can be improved? Is its too complex. Let me know in the comments section below. Would love to get your feedback and thanks for taking the time to read this blog.


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