Five Ways to Improve your Organization’s Website in 2022

Here are five ways to improve your organization’s website in 2022 that wi ...

Your organization recently updated their corporate website and the marketing department want to keep its fresh, up to date and make some improvements. Here are five ways to improve your organization’s website in 2022 that will ensure your website is on top of its game. 

1. Consistently Update Site Content: I’m tired of seeing companies create these beautifully websites and let it die a slow death by never updating the site content. The easiest way to keep your site fresh is new engaging content. This not only allows site users to have fresh content to digest but also improve your Google search rankings.


2. Effectively Utilizing Your Content Management System: Its surprising just how many companies purchase million-dollar content management systems for their websites and have no clue how to use it. Make sure your website builder takes the time to train your staff on the most effective ways to utilize their content management system. This will help ensure site administrators are not creating issues that can affect site performance.


3. Mobile Friendly Site Design: As of 2021, about 54% of the world’s internet population accesses the internet on their mobile phones. If your website does not have the ability to adapt for various screen sizes you are missing out on a huge portion of website traffic. Now Google prioritizes website that are mobile friendly. Ensuring your website is mobile friendly not only improves website traffic but boost your google search rankings as well.


4. Optimize Website Speed: One of the first impressions of your site for visitors is how fast it loads. If your website loads quickly, you’ve instantly made a great first impression. It’s a quick-win for user experience! A great practice is scanning your website with online tools like or These tools can reveal page speed issues with your site and give recommendation on how to fix said issues.


5. Improving Search Engine Optimization: The previous four steps all contribute to improving search engine optimization. However, understand how Google works and how organic search works is critical to improving your SEO ranking. Google Search Central has a great explanation of the basics of how Google works. Click here to learn more. Another great way to Improve Search Engine Optimization is creating a Google Business Profile. You can create a free profile on Google Maps by searching your business address and creating a listing. This will allow Google find your business information when people are searching for your type of business.


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