Mid Atlantic Developers Conference Review

The second annual Mid Atlantic Developers Conference was a well-executed ev ...

The second annual Mid Atlantic Developers Conference was a well-executed event. The two-day conference was located on the campus of the Maritime Institute of Technology in Linthicum Heights, MD. Just a ten-minute drive from BWI airport, this location was a great backdrop for the conference. The venue easily accommodated the 150 plus conference attendees while still providing an intimate class setting for various workshops. A buffet-style lunch was provided with a great assortment of dishes to quench your appetite after the morning sessions.


On day one, I attend the morning workshop entitled Domain Driven Design with Andrew Cassell. Domain Driven Design or DDD is a coding philosophy that helps developers think of application architecture before writing a line of code. DDD helps developers create code that uses human-readable functions, classes and ID’s names directly in the codebase. Building on our new development philosophy, we participated in a card sort project to software architect the process of making beer. After a great lunch and some good conversation, I attended a workshop entitled Managing the Burnout Burndown with Aneika & Anjuan Simmons. The husband and wife team discussed the importance of your physical and mental health in the digital space and how to effectively juggle work-life balance. Utilizing a burndown chart, Aneika & Anjuan shared some useful tips on how to mitigate stress. Day one ended with a workshop on Introduction to Visual Regression Testing with Loren Klingman. Loren talked about the various open-source projects in the visual regression work space.


Day two started with a session entitled Offices are Over: Lead a Remote Workforce in the Digital Age presented by Laura Janusek. Laura discussed the pros and cons of having a completely digital workforce. She showed statistics on how workers are more productive when working remote. We then separated into groups and talked about our issues with working in an open office space. The next session was my favorite entitled The Container is a Lie! with Larry Garfield. He began with overview of how modern computers work and what is a virtual machine. Larry then spoke about the use of virtual machines, the popularity of containerization in cloud computing and for use in local development environments. He compared two containers platforms, PlatformSH and Docker and some of the user cases for each container. At the end, there was an informative question and answer session.


After lunch Testing the Front-End: Divide Your Time and Resources with Loren Klingman was the next session I attended. The start of the talk, Loren introduced various regression test types. He further introduced the pro and cons of each of the various testing suites. The conference closing address was on Diversity Inclusion for Technologist with Anjuan Simmons. Anjuan talk showed the audience how to help people that don’t have the same privileges as we do. While becoming a voice for those people less fortunate than ourselves. He gave a great example of how the late Star Trek actor Leonard Nimoy used his privilege to better humanity.

Mid Atlantic Developers Conference was a great event for developers and general technologist. This is surely an event that I would attend again in the future.


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