Why Business Owners Deserve to be Rich!

Do CEO and Company Founder deserve the money they make?

Gosh darn it. I DESERVE TO BE RICH! Ok. Let me clam down. I know every business owner will not be rich. In fact, according to 45% of business fail within five years and 65% fail in 10 years. Various business owners have poor marketing plans, or cannot execute on projects. Or they have horrible customer service. These shortcomings make it possible the business owner does not deserve to be rich. However, the amount of sacrifice, long nights, waiting for payments and low profit months most business owners experience, we deserve to make A LOT of money. Below is a more comprehensive list of why I think business owners deserve to be rich.

  1. Risk and entrepreneurship: Starting and running a business involves significant risks, including financial investment, time commitment, and uncertainty. Business owners take on these risks and responsibilities, and if their ventures succeed and or fail.

  2. Job creation and economic impact: Successful businesses often create job opportunities for others, contributing to economic growth and prosperity. By providing employment and generating revenue, business owners can have a positive impact on their communities and society as a whole, which could be seen as deserving of financial rewards.

  3. Innovation and problem-solving: Many businesses are built on innovative ideas and solutions that address societal needs or challenges. Business owners who bring novel products or services to the market may be rewarded for their creativity and contributions to society.

  4. Creating value for customers: Businesses that deliver value and meet customers' needs tend to thrive. When customers willingly exchange their money for products or services, it indicates that they find value in what the business offers. In this sense, business owners are rewarded for satisfying customer demands.

The next time you’re at work and see the CEO and or Company Founder drive off in their 2023 Model S Plaid understand they put the time and effort into ensuring the success of your company. Or maybe they are a trust fund baby and inherited the company and did no real work. At least you have your paycheck is on time. LOL. 


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