Six Reasons Why UI Designers Should Use Concrete5 CMS

UI Designers have a lot on their plate in today’s tech world. Not only ar ...

UI Designers have a lot on their plate in today’s tech world. Not only are we supposed to know modern UX/UI design principles but also know front end coding technologies. When designing and building a website or web application most of us turn to WordPress as our CMS of choice. However, take a look at Concrete5 for you next project build. If you want to build a custom website with very minimal PHP knowledge but still need a fully featured back-end for clients, Concrete5 is hard to beat. 

What make concrete5 (C5 for short) great for UI Designers? Here are the six reasons why a UI Designers should use Concrete5 CMS for their next website project. 


  1. Concrete5 is Completely Open source: The project is run by a company called Portland Labs based out of Portland, Oregon. Being an open source project has allowed a small but very dedicated community of developers to make a great CMS for a variety of different web projects.

  2. Your Designs Come to Life: All UI Designers have created an interface for a CMS, then after talking with the developer, your design had to be changed. With C5 that is very seldom the case. The designer is free to make what he or she wants with very little change to design because of the flexibility of C5.

  3. Emphasis on Great UI: C5 emphasizes a very friendly UI experience for content editors and site developers. You can very easily navigate to the most use areas. While back end functionality such as PHP logs, site permissions and environmental settings are still easy to find.

  4. Super Easy On Page Editing: The true power of C5 is the ease of editing content. Want to make a content change. Just login, select the edit button, hover over the content you want to edit and just change it like you would in Microsoft Word. Want to move that content to another area just drag and drop that content to another area. C5 finally give the content editors the power they always wanted.

  5. Extend Functionality with Plugins: Have special needs for your project that you don’t see in the native functionally in C5. Just go to the marketplace on and choose from hundreds of well built plugins. Some are free and some you have to pay for but most of the plugins will help you build more complex web applications.

  6. Prioritizes Accessibility:  What’s the use of a great website if you can’t find it on the web. C5 allows you to optimize your sites SEO with meta titles and descriptions for each page. There are also plugins that further improve your sites SEO.



Short Youtube Video on Concrete5.



If you gotten this far thanks for reading. Feel free to give C5 a try in your next web project. Its not all peaches and roses but for me and my clients, we prefer it over Wordpress. If you have any questions or comments please leave it in the comment area below. Thanks.


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