Synchronize Files with Resilio Sync File Sharing Service

Learn how to synchronize files with Resilio Sync file sharing service.

When running a web agency one of the biggest issues is digital file management. Most companies use something like dropbox for file sharing. However, here at Stewart Design Agency, we wanted something a more secure and faster for moving large files. This is here Resilio Sync come in. Resilio Sync transfers data directly from computer to computer (peer to peer) making it much more secure and faster for transferring large file sizes then its cloud-based counterparts.

Our owner Wayne Stewart use Resilio Sync to keep business contracts, proposals and other important documents up to date on his phone so they are always available in a meeting. Our designer uses Resilio Sync and Figma to send design assets to clients and our developer. And finally, our developer uses Resilio Sync and Mamp Pro 4 to synchronize large development projects across local machines.

The applications for Resilio Sync are only limited by your imagination.


Here is a 7 min youtube video showing how to setup Resilio Sync on your computer.

Thank you for taking time to read this short blog. Do you have another syncing service you like to use? Feel free to talk about it in the comments section below. If you want to try Resilio Sync for free just click the link below. Thanks.
Resilio Sync Free


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