Army Senior Executive Portal

Internal web portal for Army Senior Executive Service officers.

The Challenge


The Civilian Senior Leader Management Office (CSLMO) provides human resource services to Senior Executive Service Officers (SES) in the United States Army. The CSLMO office was utilizing an antiquated internal website to provide information and resources to SES offices. Stewart Design Agency was tasked with architecting and developing the new internal web application in Concrete CMS.

Key Objectives

Ability for CSLMO staff members to easily maintain web application.

User friendly interface allowing for quick access to data.

Implement Common Access Card (CAC) functionality for CSLMO staff members to login as content editors.

Import and synchronize SES officer profiles from Army HR database.

Curate, refine and import existing CSLMO site content into new application.

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Our Approach

Identify current site user pain points with existing internal website from a user experience perspective.

Train and support CSLMO staff on how to use Concrete CMS application.

Create custom code allowing CSLMO site editors to be identified by CAC card when login into Concrete CMS.

Create custom code that imports SES officer profiles from Army HR database into Concrete CMS application.

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The Results

Application usages by SES officers increased 50% in the first month of internet launch.

Upon site launch, CSLMO site editors added over 20 paragraphs of new content in Training & Development section.

Over 25% of SES officers profile data was updated in the first week of application launch.

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